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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 321)

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A duo allegedly raped a child under the age of 16 before a bust at a Eureka hotel. Investigated for months, the two are looking to answer for a range of accusations including sex, drugs, and weapons crimes. Investigators are also looking at possible additional charges including human trafficking, pimping, and distributing child pornography. *** RHBB [Stories like this are a good reminder to work toward open communication and monitoring to protect youth within our community.]

International news is now covering stories of local property buyers inheriting millions in cannabis fines. London’s conservative-leaning Daily Mail is one of the outlets reporting on these local scenarios where cannabis missteps are being passed on through property sales. Buyers beware as a lawsuit against the county relates to these instances. *** The Daily Mail

(UPDATE) A tattoo artist was found guilty in the death of his ex. He initially saw murder charges but he was ultimately convicted of voluntary manslaughter using a gun with a removed serial number. Last year in McKinleyville he called the police on the victim saying she refused to leave and shot her before she died at the hospital. She’d been intoxicated and unarmed as the jury believes his actions were criminal and not self-defense. The tattoo artist is appealing, facing up to 21 years in prison with sentencing soon. The victim, Mia Felder, was a photographer, artist, and writer known for volunteering for a youth charity. *** RHBB / TS

Eureka officials tapped a contractor for their proposed housing and transit center downtown. The EaRTH Center would replace two parking lots with a big multi-story building adding up to 99 housing units above a transit center and commercial spaces. The project could begin construction next year. *** Loco

Humboldt’s only safe parking shelter for the homeless is set to expire despite successes in Arcata. Advocates said the program served around 128 people and transitioned 30 percent into permanent housing. Unfortunately, the safe parking resource is set to close on June 17 due to funding shortfalls. *** NCJ

Humboldt’s top reps supported Donald Trump’s criminal conviction. Regarding the first verdict in Trump’s “hush money” campaign fraud trial in New York, California State Senator Mike McGuire emphasized the rule of law prevailing and accountability even for powerful figures. U.S. Congressman Jared Huffman said the justice system held Trump accountable, cautioning Trump's tendencies to incite division and violence. *** TS

The Eureka City Council approved a cease-fire resolution for the Israel-Hamas war. The move is similar to those by Arcata and county officials and follows intense protests and police activity at Cal Poly Humboldt. *** TS

The local ABC and FOX affiliate has been ‘love’ reacting to divisive public posts on Facebook. Recently, North Coast News ‘loved’ a post likening Jesus to Donald Trump after his criminal conviction. The station also loved anti-LQBTQ posts related to a church in Ferndale. They are one of the 193 stations mandated by Sinclair Broadcast Group to air right-leaning editorials. *** Loco [Partisan news is garnering recognition as a top eroder of national prosperity.]

A road realignment has begun after landslides destabilized the Fleener Creek area along the coast near Ferndale. County crews and contractors are shifting the roadway inland after a similar relocation occurred in the 2000s. As of this report, the erosion was about 32.5 feet from the current road which is used by Centerville residents. As you’d expect, popular trails near this erosion have remained closed by the BLM. *** TS

California Senator Mike McGuire has been cheering on the Great Redwood Trail, a proposed path from Humboldt to San Francisco. McGuire says the trail could boost tourism economies while work on 22 percent of the trail already underway. Meanwhile, concerns are being raised by voices among the Native American community regarding the use of the land. Trail officials say they intend to progress collaboratively while restoring environmental impacts left behind by old rail lines. *** RHBB / Loco

The Supreme Court will soon hear a big case impacting homelessness, determining whether governments can ban or limit encampments in public spaces. A lower case stops governments from clearing encampments when no shelter is available. Governor Newsom argues the ruling hinders progress on managing encampments for health and safety reasons. The outcome clearly has major implications for Humboldt County. *** CalMatters

Former Humboldt County judge Gregory Kreis has resigned over misconduct. After initially denying most allegations, he conceded many while agreeing to resign and never serve as a judge again. Among other missteps, he was accused of failing to disclose relationships with attorneys, inappropriate remarks, campaign violations, and unwantedly grabbing or slapping a woman’s buttocks. Kreis’ resignation comes after a recent election loss amid these allegations. *** San Francisco Chronicle

A guy allegedly evaded police in his truck and then crashed it in front of an officer days later. Officers say the suspect tried to flee again but was detained. *** RHBB

Jared Huffman sarcastically thanked Samuel Alito for highlighting the 'threat of Christian nationalism.' The Supreme Court Justice, Alito, controversially flew an "Appeal to Heaven" flag at his beach house as the flag has been linked to far-right politics and theocracy. Humboldt’s U.S. rep argues Christian nationalism is a threat to democracy and many of Huffman’s efforts aim to separate church and state. *** The Daily Beast

The final leg linking a trail system from Eureka to Arcata is still scheduled to be completed later this year. Once the county’s portion of the Humboldt Bay Trail adds finishing touches, the path will provide stunning views and much improved nonmotorized access between Humboldt’s two most populated cities. The finalized trail will be about 14 miles from southern Eureka to central Arcata. If all goes according to plan, the trail could reportedly be finished by October. *** TS


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