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TLDR local news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 300)

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Listen to this episode here.

A controversial Ferndale pastor saw his event nixed by local tribal leaders following inflammatory remarks. Bear River Casino officials are now refusing to host a "Religious Liberty'' conference by Pastor Tyrel Bramwell after learning of his provocative rhetoric. Specifically, the Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria took issue with Bramwell’s remarks about Christopher Columbus which they believe showed a disregard of atrocities suffered by Indigenous communities. Bramwell has also targeted the LGBTQ+ community and female pastors among others. *** Loco [Bramwell’s impact on the community has so far backfired in more community support for the groups he targets, including well-attended Ferndale pride events]

Some Democrats in the U.S. Senate are frustrated with controversial Eureka businessman Rob Arkley. Arkley’s not been giving them info regarding extravagant trips related to conservative Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. In relation to this, lawmakers are considering new rules for Supreme Court Judges to prevent bribery, the appearance of bribery, or any other chicanery related to cozying up to major decision makers. *** Loco [Arkley has also been in the news for his support of a 2024 Eureka ballot measure supporting parking lots over affordable housing projects.]

The Times-Standard issued a ‘fact-check’ after conservative outlets amplified the arrest of a local LQBTQ+ associate for public masturbation. InfoWars, Fox News, Breitbart, and the Daily Wire among others issued reports on the suspect who was formerly associated with the Eureka chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. In the newspaper’s analysis they state the local arrest was used in a larger attempt to disrupt LGBTQ+ organizations with anecdotes. “A lack of evidence of abuse at queer events doesn’t stop people from showing up anyway, especially when kids are involved," the paper wrote.

(Update) A former couple has mysteriously disappeared after an ex-girlfriend tried to retrieve her stuff from her allegedly abusive ex’s hangout near Willow Creek. Her vehicle was then detected by a license plate reader in Redding. In a North Coast News story, the missing woman’s family alleged her ex-boyfriend had previously shot a gun at her and choked her. Her family emphasized that the urgency of finding her majorly outweighs her recent path toward addiction recovery. *** PR via RHBB with photos

Humboldt County cannabis farmers are facing a 10 percent tax after a temporary break. County Supervisors reinstated a 2024 excise tax for Humboldt’s approximately 1,000 licensed cannabis farmers. This came after a temporary tax suspension last year aimed at aiding struggling farmers. Supervisor Rex Bohn said the local cannabis is showing some signs of stabilization. This comes as 2024’s Measure A on the ballot could have serious consequences for Humboldt County’s historic cannabis industry. *** NCJ / RHBB / Loco

Governor Gavin Newsom is considering healthier changes for sweets. The legislation aims to ban additives also banned in the EU due to health concerns. Red dye 3, propylparaben, brominated vegetable oil, and potassium bromate are on the hot seat. Manufacturers would have until 2027 to comply if Newsom signs off on this. *** CalMatters

Around 40 people gathered at the Bayshore Mall in Eureka to protest against abortion rights. Attendees cited their religious beliefs and advocated for adoption even in cases of medical risk, rape, or incest. California’s foster care system accommodates approximately 60,000 children with only about 5,500 successful adoptions per year. *** RHBB

The fiber optic project along 299 will in fact allow super-fast internet in remote local spots. There was this rumor about the "Digital 299" internet project not helping Humboldt County’s rural areas. Once the company Vero finishes construction in about two years, local providers can connect to their network. *** Loco

The old McKinley statue from Arcata has its new resting place. The statue was taken down from the Arcata Plaza due to controversy regarding former U.S. president William McKinley. The likeness’ new home is in Canton, Ohio, where McKinley lived, after receiving a restoration and a new pedestal. *** MRU via RHBB

Officials up north are less stoked about offshore wind energy. North of Del Norte County in coastal southern Oregon, Curry County Commissioners are opposing these developments citing a lack of community preparedness, while commenters voiced concerns about potential impacts to property values, fisheries, and tourism. This comes as Humboldt County has been making progress toward developing offshore wind energy projects in alignment with current federal priorities. *** WRO

Local artist Gabe Schneider designed an album cover for late Grateful Dead musician Jerry Garcia. "Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium" will be released on vinyl for the first time on Nov. 24 (which is Record Store Day). The double album features live jams by Garcia and John Kahn and will be available locally. *** Loco

Ferndale’s Victorian Village received a Halloween makeover as the ‘Scaregrounds’ comes to the fairgrounds. On October 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, 29th, and the 31st, the 'Scaregrounds' will include three haunted houses, a VIP haunted tiki room, live entertainment, a pumpkin patch, and food trucks. It’s $10 for fun without the frights, $20 for kids under 12, $30 for 13+, and $50 for VIP access with preferred parking, no lines, tiki room access, and a pin. *** PR via RHBB


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