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TLDR local news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 299)

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Listen to this episode here.

The Foggy Bottoms Boys are still opening an ice cream shop in Loleta but its opening has been delayed. Jersey Scoop on Main Street in Loleta will serve ice cream made from the ‘Boys cows, sandwiches, soups, and pastries from Patch’s — a trans-owned business. On social media, the Foggy Bottoms Boys describe themselves as ‘gay farm dads’ with regenerative agriculture, ethically-raised meats, climate beneficial fiber, and organic dairy. The ‘Boys told me they’re still waiting on some equipment and electrical work, and are aiming to open by the end of 2023. The longer the wait, the sweeter the ice cream.

A police officer reportedly killed an unarmed man in Hoopa after the suspect inflicted serious injuries. In the 7 a.m. hour officers say they attempted to pull a man over but he ran away. Per a press release, while a Sheriff's officer detained those who stayed in the suspect's vehicle, a CHP officer chased the suspect on foot for about 200 yards, the officer used a taser, and eventually shot the suspect multiple times to death after the officer sustained serious head injuries and a bite wound. Investigators said they found a gun, drug-related items, and alcohol in the car. Per police, the CHP officer was not wearing a body camera. And according to North Coast News, family of the man killed has been questioning officials with an investigation underway by the California Department of Justice. *** PR via RHBB

A former couple has mysteriously disappeared after an ex-girlfriend tried to retrieve her stuff from her ex’s hangout near Willow Creek. Her vehicle was then detected by a license plate reader in Redding. *** PR via RHBB with photos

Hollywood legend Woody Harrelson took a cannabis-related trip to southern Humboldt County. Per the Southern Humboldt Business and Visitors Bureau, they assisted Woody’s visit to ‘America's cannabis heartland’ to check out local farms, cuisine, and a stay at the Benbow Historic Inn. The actor and activist owns The Woods cannabis dispensary and lounge in Santa Monica. Sources told Kym Kemp the actor gathered footage for The Woods that showcases the small-farm cannabis available in his shop. This certainly isn’t Woody’s first (publicized) trip to Humboldt County. In 2001, he visited Cal Poly Humboldt (then Humboldt State) in Arcata to talk to students about the upsides of living organically and the downsides of corporations.

IHOP is still coming to Eureka but it’s been delayed. In a recent update regarding transforming Eureka’s old Denny’s into an IHOP, sources essentially said ‘I-DELAYED.’ Necessary paperwork and remodeling has gone slower than expected. The end of November was suggested as a potential new opening date. *** Loco

The animal-rights group PETA suggested Eureka replace an iconic Fisherman statue with a fish-shaped sculpture made from old fishing gear, to which the city replied no thanks. PETA said the change would remind folks about the impact of the fishing industry on sea creatures. While Eureka Mayor Kim Bergel appreciates PETA's concern, she noted Eureka believes the Woodley Island fisherman statue holds important history and culture for Eureka and most importantly, the city doesn't have the power to change it. Bergel also noted Eureka would not be opposed to working with PETA on issues of mutual interest in the future. *** RHBB

The young woman accused in the stabbing murder of her roommate in Eureka has turned herself in. Police believe the alleged early-August murder was preceded by a fight between female roommates in their 20s and a man known to the victim. EPD previously warned people not to approach the suspect, 20-year-old Destinee Rhamy. *** RP via RHBB

Congressman Jared Huffman cited Rio Dell when talking with FEMA about holes in the system. He believes FEMA should be more flexible and fair in giving aid to rural communities like Rio Dell, which suffered the brunt of the damages from a major earthquake in December 2022. FEMA’s head agreed to take a look at it. ** NCJ

Advocates are uniting against what they're calling a ‘deceptively-named’ housing initiative in Eureka. They believe the "Housing for All" initiative which was backed by paid signature-gatherers will jeopardize vital affordable housing projects in the city. The 2024 ballot initiative has been criticized for prioritizing parking over affordable housing. Initiative opponents are using the tag “I Like Eureka Housing! with the URL

Applications from scammers have been hampering College of the Redwoods. Sources say there were some summer classes where 30 percent of the enrolled students were fake. These “ghost students” can siphon financial aid and take space in classrooms meant for real students. The state community college system is fighting back with $100M toward cybersecurity. *** NCJ

A man was arrested after an alleged road-rage incident near the Humboldt-Mendocino line. Reports indicate a tailgater followed folks to their destination where he allegedly threatened to kill them. Remember: Bad drivers are annoying, but taking it as far as this guy allegedly did may be a sign to do some mental health work. *** PR via RHBB

Humboldt County is working on rules for short-term rentals, like Airbnb, outside of city limits. They're trying to balance housing availability challenges with said rentals. Rules could be finalized by the end of the year and public feedback is recommended. *** T-S / Draft ordinance

‘Governor’ was the top response in a poll asking what title State Senator Mike McGuire should pursue next. Lieutenant Governor and Dog Catcher were the second and third top responses. McGuire was first elected to represent the North Coast in 2014 and he terms out in 2026. (Note: This Loco poll should be taken with a grain of salt because it doesn’t adhere to the standards and random sampling techniques employed in traditional polling methods, potentially leading to biased or unrepresentative results).

Arcata's Police Chief Brian Ahearn is exiting on Oct. 18 after almost five years on the job. He's heading back to San Diego to be closer to his family. He says he’s leaving the department with more equipment and staff. We’ll see who his interim and official replacements are. Regarding the hot-button David Josiah Lawson investigation, he said they’ve identified new witnesses and the case is still active. *** Times-Standard

Eureka cops say they arrested a transient for attempted murder after he bit an acquaintance's finger off and gave him head injuries and a broken arm with a redwood limb. The suspect also apparently suffered a dislocated shoulder. This happened near the Dutch Bros and Super 8 on the northern end of Eureka. *** Press release

Cal Poly Humboldt women’s soccer has had an amazing season so far. The Lumberjacks women were unbeaten as of the morning of September 29. *** T-S / Schedule

A chef from the former Angelina Inn will do her thing at Arcata’s new Carriage House. The new restaurant is opening on 10th Street where The Griffin bar and restaurant used to be. Think global flavors and local goodness. *** NCJ

College of the Redwoods is adding more on-campus dorm availability south of Eureka thanks in part to $28M from the state. This is projected to house 215 more local students. The $77M project which clearly needs additional funding could begin construction in 2026. *** Loco

The opening of McKinleyville’s skatepark was decades in the making. The idea was first kickflipping in the minds of locals around 23 years ago when skaters were getting trouble for doing their thing in the wrong places. The park is currently 4,000 square feet with possible plans for expansion. *** Loco

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