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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 307)

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Listen to this episode here.

Investigators say they’ve got a suspect in a rash of false threats leading to lockdowns at McKinleyville High. They believe the incidents have all stemmed from one person putting on an elaborate hoax. Officers say more updates are forthcoming. *** Press release

A Eureka export and former Mr. Bungle member isn’t cooperating with cops after the disappearance of his girlfriend. Alyx Kamakaokalani Herrmann has been missing since December 3 and rock saxophonist Theo Lengyel is noted as a person of interest in the case. Reportedly Theo has not been cooperative with the investigation. As of this writing he is being sought by police and may have headed to Portland in a 1989 blue Ford pickup with the vanity license plate "UNCLDRT.” Theo was axed from Mr. Bungle in the mid-90s on bad terms. *** SFGATE [Thanks to my friend Mike for the tip]

Workers are threatening a strike that could lead to a campus shutdown at Cal Poly Humboldt. Hundreds of employees say they’ll strike during the second week of the upcoming semester, January 22 to 26, unless they get better pay, leave policies, workloads, and safety. *** TS

A controversial cannabis initiative will appear on the March 2023 ballot. A judge allowed the effort to advance despite opponents' beliefs the backers misled the public when gathering signatures. With this hurdle, voters will decide if they want to pass Measure A which would restrict a considerable amount of cannabis cultivation in Humboldt County. *** TS

Nordic Aquafarms’ fish farm on the Samoa Peninsula hopped additional hurdles. Continuing a plan to produce thousands of tons of yellowtail a year, the California Coastal Commission essentially said environmental appeals against the project were unsubstantial. Supporters believe the modern fish farm facility will be a major improvement for the location which used to house a toxic pulp mill. *** Loco

A mystery developer acquired a Eureka school property which derailed CHP’s plans for the site. A ways south of Winco, the Jacobs Middle School property, which has been mentioned in the battle in Eureka between affordable housing advocates and parking advocates, now belongs to unidentified folks as Eureka City Schools stated they followed protocol. *** NCJ

One of the zoo’s two red pandas died unexpectedly. The Sequoia Park Zoo says Cinni had undetected cancer and had appeared healthy. Cinni and her sister Masala were born at the Eureka zoo in 2014. *** Post [Cinni was coming up on nine years old. According to PBS, red pandas live 8 to 10 in the wild and around 15 years in captivity.]

Are the classifications of cannabis into ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica’ outdated? A theory currently circulating says modern cannabis genetics means extensive crossbreeding, making it tough to categorize strains accurately. Are the Sativa and Indica percentages on those labels just subject to breeder interpretation? Here’s a quote from a Reddit poster who said they wrote their senior Botany thesis on this subject at Cal Poly Humboldt: “... The understanding that Sativas provide an 'uplifting' or 'energetic' high was likely because they simply had much less THC than their Indica counterparts…” *** Reddit

The Hoopa Valley Tribe’s 10,000 new acres in the Pine Creek area marks their largest ever land reacquisition. They believe the move will help revive their historic salmon run, rebuild elk populations, and combat sudden oak death. *** Press release

Cal Poly Humboldt was featured on ‘Jeopardy!’ A contestant identified the university's team as the "Lumberjacks" with the answer also referring to Monty Python's "Lumberjack Song.” *** Loco

Changes with the beloved Humboldt Crabs could mean championship games. The developments for Arcata’s historic summer baseball team stem from joining a new league with familiar teams. The Crabs have been an independent team for the last decade. Now if they do well in the coming seasons, the collegiate franchise that often sees former players in the majors could take part in a climactic three-game championship series. In other Crabs news, they’re looking for input on three options for a new ballpark façade at the Arcata Ballpark. *** Press release / Façades via Loco

A program is offering $920 monthly to pregnant people and aged-out fosters in need over a span of 18 months. The Humboldt Income Program is part of a pilot offering no-strings income to pregnant and aged-out fosters in significant poverty who meet specific criteria and are referred by a list of local health organizations. *** Loco

Ferndale export Guy Fieri says he’ll ‘die broke’ and leave his kids nothing unless they get two college degrees. With a net worth estimated at around $100M, Fieri noted his educational motivation stems from his father's philosophies. The celebrity chef was also recently in the news for paying for Ferndale High’s travel expenses related to their state championship. *** People


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