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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 309)

Updated: Jan 19

Listen to this episode here.

Officials IDed a man they believe was killed by someone at an encampment in Manila. Foul play is suspected as 56-year-old Pete William Dibean was the victim. Officers are investigating and looking for leads. *** RHBB

Eureka police released footage after an apparently gun-toting suspect was killed by the library. On November 26, 2023, officers attempted to detain this man who they say tried to run away, pulled a gun, and was then shot dead by officers. *** NCJ

Cal Poly Humboldt says it plans to remain open during strikes beginning this coming week. Striking workers are demanding changes with salary, workload, health, safety, and paid leave. The Arcata university is urging non-striking employees to fulfill their duties and noted possible compensation consequences for strikers not on leave. *** Loco / CPH message

Dozens of locals were stranded due to flooding. Mostly impacting folks near Blue Lake and Willow Creek, they clearly had a tough time accessing food and gas among other essentials. Sheriff Honsal declared a state of emergency after the flooding impacted roads and trapped residents. Notably, the Mad River saw flooding near 1964 levels. *** TS

The Eureka City Council voted to oppose a measure seeking to limit the local cannabis industry. Humboldt County’s Measure A aims to limit the size, number, and methods used in cannabis operations. In their opposition, Eureka officials noted the industry’s positive economic impact. *** Loco

Labcorp has acquired Providence's Eureka lab. It appears patients at Eureka’s hospital will still have access to blood and urine testing among other services. As Providence has relinquished labs statewide, it’s unclear if Fortuna’s hospital lab will also be acquired. With Labcorp’s reputation as the ‘Walmart of testing labs,’ there’s speculation the changes will lead to longer wait times and less accessible service. *** Loco / NCJ

A Crescent City middle school teacher has been accused of possessing child pornography. Dennis Jace Drury, also known as Jason Drury is now on leave from his sixth-grade teaching position at Crescent Elk Middle School. The school’s superintendent said there’s currently no indication that district students were involved. *** Triplicate

The FBI says sextortion is on the rise. That involves criminals coercing minors to send explicit media for personal or financial gain. Please stay vigilant and keep your kids in the loop. *** FBI PR

Humboldt County’s death rate continues to surpass California’s. While Humboldt has a high school graduation rate above the state average, our limited healthcare access and high housing costs have contributed to poor health metrics. 20 percent of our population lives below the poverty line and high rates of childhood trauma and substance abuse highlight the need for change. *** NCJ

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider if homeless people can be evicted from public property. A lower court deemed it cruel and unusual punishment to criminalize camping when shelter options are insufficient. California officials have argued the ruling hampers their ability to address encampments for health and safety reasons. *** CalMatters

One of our most beloved hikes is on hold due to landslide activity at the Fleener Creek Trailhead. The picturesque coastal trail near Ferndale has seen damage to its wooden steps as the upper trail section is currently impassable. The Guthrie Creek Trailhead nearby remains open. *** BLM


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