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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 312)

Updated: Mar 1

Listen to this episode here.

A contractor's truck was set ablaze and graffitied with the N-word in Eureka. Archie Claybon, owner of Claybon’s Custom Tile and Design, says he was targeted following complaints about parking near a church he was renovating, despite having the property owner's permission. He told Redheadeded Blackbelt he couldn’t remember the last time somebody had the courage to say the N-word to his face. The Eureka Police Department is investigating. *** RHBB

A Eureka mural was vandalized with swastikas and other graffiti. The crime occurred at the Park & Ride off of Herrick. *** RHBB

Cops believe multiple state worker vehicles were intentionally set on fire in Eureka. Investigators say they’re looking for an arsonist who targeted California Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles in Old Town Eureka. The flames caused an estimated $250,000 in property damage. *** RHBB

A pro-Palestinian protester has been accused of vandalism and making a false police report. Stemming from a clash in Arcata in October 2023, security footage shows the protester blocking and striking a baseball player’s car. In reports shortly after the incident, the protestor had accused the player of hitting her with his car and accused a coach of pinning her in a chokehold. Officers say evidence suggests that’s not what happened. The case has been referred to the county DA’s office for possible charges. *** RHBB

A local judge up for reelection has officially denied a slew of misconduct allegations. The state is investigating Gregory Kreis over accusations of workplace affairs, sexual assault, and drug use, among other things. Calling the most serious allegations false, Kreis says the investigation stems from a bitter divorce and disgruntled ex-coworkers. He’s also provided his own context for other allegations. In reference to these developments and the upcoming election, former long-shot contender April Van Dyke has been picking up steam in the primary on March 5. *** NCJ

A landslide along the coast near Ferndale has seriously impacted one of Humboldt County’s best hiking spots. Dramatic and significant slide activity was caught on drone footage near Centerville Beach at Fleener Creek, where the parking lot is now closed after some of it crumbled away. The area is closed off and we’ll see what comes of geotechnical investigations. *** RHBB

A just-convicted Rio Dell meth trafficker is now a fugitive. Known as "Guero," his drug network stretched from Mexico and one seizure included 18 pounds of meth likely headed for Humboldt County. While he was there throughout the trial, he fled before the verdict was announced as he faces possible life imprisonment at sentencing. *** PR via RHBB

Our ‘frustrating’ fire insurance market is drawing concern. As insurers have been dropping fire-prone regions, the last-resort “FAIR Plan” has seen premiums go up by as much as 145% since 2017. Fire-prone Humboldt County residents recently attended a town hall about this subject. *** JPR

You may be approached by signature-gathering conservatives trying to recall Governor Newsom again. After a failed recall attempt in 2021, critics are talking about crime, homelessness, and Newsom’s national focus as their reasoning. They’re also aware of their low chances for success but believe this recall will make Newsom a better state leader. It’s very easy to recall a California Governor and Democrats say this is just partisan maneuvering. *** CalMatters

The Northern Californian who was the oldest person in the US died at age 116.

With one key to longevity possibly being a resident in this part of the world, Edie Ceccarelli of Willits also recommended a couple of fingers of red wine with dinner, dancing, daily naps, never smoking, and minding your own business. *** SFGATE

The locally-inspired marijuana farm horror ‘Trim Season’ is set for a summer release. The film follows a group of young adults from LA coming up to work on a secluded cannabis farm in Northern California. Horror ensues as they try to escape with their lives. The cast includes talent from ‘Scream,’ ‘Midnight Mass,’ ‘Doctor Sleep,’ ‘Sick,’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ ‘Trim Season’ will hit select theaters and paid streaming services. *** Variety

Ever wanted to hear Eureka export Mike Patton sing a studio version of ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears? Me either. As AI continues to amuse and worry folks, a new video is going around merging the Faith Nor More and Mr. Bungle rocker's voice (and face) with the 2000s queen of pop. The video is something else. *** Louder


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