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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 313)

Updated: Mar 8

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A man arrested on meth and stalking charges is connected to the cases of two women believed murdered. It’s been alleged James Eugene Jones, or Jimmy Jones, was the last known contact of two women whose remains were discovered in the Fortuna area in 2014. Thus far Jones has only been noted as a person of interest in the homicide cases. Jones’ recent run-in includes allegations he stalked a woman who owns a Scotia business with meth and a switchblade knife in his possession. *** RHBB

Did a bank robber really remorsefully turn himself in on the same day of the crime? Eureka Police say so. Officers say he told them he was overwhelmed by guilt and promptly turned himself in at the courthouse. He'd threatened that he had a gun and he did have the stolen cash. As this unique situation unfolded many wondered if there was more to the story. *** RHBB

Local judge Gregory Kreis lost reelection while facing a slew of misconduct allegations. Kreis vehemently denied allegations of drug use, derogatory remarks, sexual impropriety, a lap dance, and other allegations, while he did admit to playfully pushing somebody into a lake. Kreis’ challenger was victorious with about 60 percent of the vote so far. April Van Dyke’s campaign emphasized a commitment to social justice and combatting sentencing disparities among other goals. *** RHBB / 3/5 Election Report / TS

A controversial vote to limit the local cannabis industry was denied by voters. Per election night results which are subject to change slightly, Measure A opponents were able to convince roughly 73 percent of voters the cannabis measure would have unintended consequences and damage a struggling but crucial sector of our economy. *** 3/5 Election Report

Humboldt County Supervisors Rex Bohn, Mike Wilson, and Michelle Bushnell were all likely reelected. Unless a significant number of late votes bring Bushnell’s 58 percent down to runoff territory, county supervision is looking to remain the same. Wilson so far won over about 81 percent of the voters in his district while Bohn brought in about 64 percent. *** 3/5 Election Report

Santa Rosa’s Chris Rogers currently holds a narrow lead to progress toward becoming our next California Assembly rep. If the Santa Rosa City Council Member's lead over Rusty Hicks remains among Democrats, he’ll face Republican Mike Greer in the November election to replace Assemblymember Jim Wood. We’ll see if mail-in votes change things for Rusty Hicks, an Arcata resident as of 2021 and the chairman of the California Democratic Party. *** PD

A Reddit post curated some of Humboldt County’s most interesting dramas. Instances mentioned include a slumlord targeted by arson who allegedly didn’t make good on a lodging-for-sex proposal, the TV person who passionately inquired about “who pooped and peed on the bank” during the Occupy Wall Street movement, the voted-out mayor linked to a DUI and sexual harassment accusations, a man who assassinated a pet pig, a red panda who escaped the zoo, a long-hidden cabin found in the Arcata Community Forest, and much more. *** r/Humboldt

Ocean tornado! Shelter Cove residents recently spotted more waterspouts, which turn into tornadoes if and when they reach land. With the rise of smartphones, they’ve been captured locally more often. *** RHBB

Locals are set to honor a nonbinary teen who died after a school bathroom fight and alleged bullying in Oklahoma. A rep for Queer Humboldt noted the relatability of the teen’s experience to many who face harassment and assault due to their LQBTQ+ identity.  The event on March 9 at 5:30 p.m. will occur at the Old Town Eureka gazebo. *** TS

Remember when 311 mentioned Humboldt County in their 1994 album ‘Grassroots’? In the reggae-rockers song “Nutsymtom,” a nod to their bassist P-Nut, the lyrics read: “...Like magic dragon I puff on the stuff of a Humboldt cone. Then I'm stoned watch out. Smoke the weed that come from Northern California. Don't do no cocaine that come from Columbia. That the thing that mash up your nature. Mash up your body and mash up your culture...” *** AZ Lyrics


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