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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 315)

Updated: Mar 29

Listen to this episode here.

Cher-Ae Heights reps have joined Yurok and Bear River tribal officials in opposition to offshore wind energy development along the North Coast. It appears if these potential economy-boosting projects are to move forward, these tribes want to be significantly more involved. “Shared tribal jurisdictional authority” was mentioned by Cher-Ae Heights reps cautioning ocean turbine impacts. In response, federal officials and developers are calling for more collaboration with tribes. In a Loco poll, most voters said they respect and appreciate our local tribes but they disagree on this issue. U.S. Congressman Jared Huffman told the Journal: “I don’t support a project that runs roughshod over tribes, the environment or any of our other values. The reason I support this offshore wind project is because it can be done in a way that I think supports those values and, really, enhances them. I think this is more a conversation about how to do this project rather than whether to do this project.” *** RHBB / Loco [Hundreds of millions of federal dollars have already been invested in proposed offshore wind energy projects in Humboldt County and we’ll see how this news impacts things.]

The coastal landslide near Ferndale that’s closed a coveted hiking spot may also call for an emergency road project. The Fleener Creek Trail has been shut down due to landslide activity you may’ve seen in jaw-dropping drone footage, as even more of the area’s parking lot has eroded toward the ocean. The future of the trail isn’t the only mystery as experts assess the situation and explore the possible relocation of Centerville Road, a big deal for residents and other users. Meanwhile, Sheriff Honsal declared a local emergency which could set the stage for government aid. The nearby Guthrie Creek trailhead has also been closed as a precaution, by the way. *** KIEM

Cops arrested a man after a reportedly chilling McKinleyville break-in. During a power outage in the middle of the night, a woman said she awoke to ominous sounds and saw a shadowy figure. She fled and called the police who made an arrest after a tense chase. *** RHBB

Arcata's forthcoming Open Door Community Health Center is hoping for a May opening following delays. The community is hopeful the development will improve healthcare access. Open Door expects the facility to increase annual visits by 600 and possibly boost patient numbers in the future. *** Loco

A federal judge ruled in favor of a church over Brookings officials regarding meal services for the homeless. The judge said the city’s attempts at limiting these meals have been an infringement on the church’s religious freedom, and wrote: “The homeless are not ‘vagrants,’ but are citizens in need. This is a time for collaboration, not for ill-conceived ordinances that restrict care and resources for vulnerable people in our communities.” *** WRO

Yes, weed arrests still happen here. Officers say they seized a considerable amount of ganja at two unpermitted sites and arrested a Fortuna man. Utility theft and an illegal gun suppressor were also noted. *** RHBB

Our airport is adding extra flights to LA starting June 9. Avelo is upping things to five flights a week. That means we'll be able to fly directly to Burbank every day but Tuesdays and Saturdays. *** PR via RHBB

The Paskenta tribe has purchased Blue Lake’s Mad River Brewery from the Yurok tribe. A rep emphasized economic sustainability and community enrichment in the announcement of the purchase. In 2019 Mad River became one of the first tribal-owned breweries. *** PR via RHBB

The Yurok Tribe is reclaiming 125 acres after 90 percent of their land was taken during the mid-1800s. This will mark the first-ever Native American tribe to manage lands with the National Park Service. New features coming to 'O Rew north of Orick include a traditional Yurok village, a cultural center, and new trails. *** USNews

Guy Fieri is being celebrated as the honorary mayor of his childhood hometown of Ferndale. Also a humanitarian and the simultaneous mayor of “Flavortown,” Guy’s journey has taken him from running a pretzel cart in the Victorian Village to worldwide culinary fame. In other city news, April 5 in Ferndale will now be "Guy Fieri Day.” *** City of Ferndale


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